Bear Glass Wire glass is manufactured primarily as a fire retardant

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Bear Glass is a full glass and mirror fabricator in Brooklyn, NY.

Bear Glass is a full Glass Fabricator in Brooklyn, NY. We are third generation glaziers. We are at our current location for over 20 years. We are always looking to make new ones. We enjoy working one on one with people in their projects.

Bear Glass has the answers you are looking for regarding wire glass. Wire glass is used in fire-rated windows and doors because it meets most fire codes. The wire does not add strength to the glass, but it does hold the glass in the sash if it shatters.

Wire glass is a common sight in schools, businesses, and hotels across the nation. Wire glass is manufactured primarily as a fire retardant, with wire mesh inlaid in the glass to prevent it from shattering and breaking out under stress or when exposed to high temperatures. With the window intact, the wire glass keeps the fire at bay, protecting those on the other side from the harmful effects of smoke and flame.

Wire glass typically comes in two types — Misco and boxed. Misco is also called diamond wire glass. In boxed wire glass, the wire is rotated 45-degrees, so that it makes s a checkerboard pattern, rather than diamonds.

We have two locations NY and NJ. Our NJ location serves South Jersey and Philadelphia

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